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28/02/2019CustomerPhishing Emails and Cyber Security issues

If you are in any doubt about an email you receive that you suspect may be a phishing scam please do not interact with it.If unfortunately you have clicked on a link or given personal details please change your password immediately and report the incident to us so we can minimise the extent of the problem.We have a lot of useful information to help you on our web site too.  Please check our Cyber security page here:

Royal Holloway IT Services      

Email: / Web: / Telephone: 01784 41 4321

24/09/2018NetworkProblem Connecting to WiFi CampusNet for the first time

We are experiencing issues with first connection to CampusNet Wifi. On first connection, you are prompted to register your device at . In some cases, the registration is successful and your device connects to CampusNet, but you do not have any internet access.

If this happens, please disconnect the wifi on your device for 10 minutes, then re-connect and try accessing the internet again. This usually resolves the issue, but if you still have an issue please visit the IT Support Office on the ground floor of the Davison Library and we will help you get connected. We are open Monday to Thursday 12PM - 9PM and Friday to Sunday 12PM - 5 PM.

Email: / Web: / Telephone: 01784 41 4321

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