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20/12/2019CustomerPhishing Emails and Cyber Security issues

We are experiencing a high volume of spam messages being sent to Royal Holloway email addresses. Whilst we do have measures in place to prevent spam messages from reaching you, some messages may make it to your inbox.

If you believe that an email you receive is phishing and/or spam, do not interact with it and forward it to

If you have clicked on any links you believe are spam, contact the IT Service Desk and immediately change your password.

For more information about cyber security at Royal Holloway, please visit our intranet pages:

18/11/2019SoftwareWEBDAV Known Error

There is currently a known issue accessing personal data on the Y Drive using WEBDAV. If you use a WEBDAV client on your mobile device in order to access your Y Drive, you will not be able to open your files. As a workaround while we fix the service, please access your Y Drive using a PC on campus or mapped network locations via VPN.

Other file locations (such as \\ourdata\departments and \\ourdata\workinggroups) are not affected by this issue.

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