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11/11/2020CustomerApple MacOS Upgrade to Big Sur 12th November

A number of applications that you may use at Royal Holloway are not supported on Big Sur and may not work correctly, including GlobalProtect (the VPN), Sophos (antivirus), MATLAB, Mathematica, SPSS.

We strongly recommend that all Mac users check your commonly-used apps for compatibility with OS 11 before you choose to install it. Please see more information here.

22/09/2020SoftwareSPORTSOFT Intermittent Outages

If you see an error message 'Service Unavailable' when using our Sports Centre site , this is an intermittent error that we are working to fix. Please try the site again after 30 minutes, and if you still see an error, please report to the IT Service Desk.

13/07/2020CustomerPhishing Emails and Cyber Security issues

If you have clicked on any links you believe are spam, contact the IT Service Desk and immediately change your password.

If you clicked on a link and entered your details please change your password immediately, run an antivirus scan, check your mailbox rules and notify the IT Service Desk.

Please use the "Report as Phishing" button if you are using Outlook. This is the most effective way to alert us of spam and phishing emails.

For more information about cyber security at Royal Holloway, please visit our intranet pages:

31/03/2020SoftwareCommon Issue - VPN disconnects

The most common causes of VPN disconnecting are connection issues or contention on home broadband. If your VPN connection is not stable please try the following.

1. Restart your home router

2. Connect to your home router using an ethernet cable if at all possible.

3. If using Wifi, move as close to your router as possible to improve signal strength.

There is more information about VPN on the IT Services support pages.



18/11/2019SoftwareWEBDAV Known Error

There is currently a known issue accessing personal data on the Y Drive using WEBDAV. If you use a WEBDAV client on your mobile device in order to access your Y Drive, you will not be able to open your files. As a workaround while we fix the service, please access your Y Drive using a PC on campus or mapped network locations via VPN.

Other file locations (such as \\ourdata\departments and \\ourdata\workinggroups) are not affected by this issue.

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